NORTHERN VIRGINIA’s – ONE & ONLY – Beer and wine shop… with a glassblowing studio?!

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Lampworking is a form of glassblowing in which a torch is used to melt glass in the creation of vessels, sculptures, paperweights, scientific glass, and so much more. In particular, we work with borosilicate glass (more commonly know under the tradename Pyrex).

IMG_9269cropped-img_39921.jpgSteven Torch

We believe the appreciation of all crafts is a great way to explore the world. So, we bring to you a unique experience sharing our love of beer, wine, and the glass the holds it all in!

We also create furnace glass works at a different location that are for sale at the shop. Furnace style glass is created on a larger scale with the use of a blow pipe or pontil rod, a crucible which holds the molten glass, and a glory hole which reheats the object glass.

Cherry Strike VaseTurqouise VaseLandscape VaseOrange Green Wave Bowl


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    • I currently offer a 3 hour solid-form (no hollow form like bulbs) lampworking class for $150 per person; materials and tools are included. I can accommodate two students at a time. I go over safety and the basic and most essential techniques like torch settings, forming a gather of glass, hot and cold seals. You will first make a marble or two and then move onto something a little more creative like a pendant or solid ornament. Usually the student has about 1.5 – 2 hours of free creative time with me coaching you along! I have attached a short Introduction to Lampworking and our Disclosure of Inherent Dangers form which will need to be filled out before class. I try and schedule on Sunday late afternoon. If Sunday doesn’t work for you, we can discuss other days. Let me know if you have any more questions!

  1. Hello a I will be in the area on Dec. 14-16 and wanted to know if you will be having a class. If so how does the class work? Will you be teaching how to make a Christmas ornament or something? How does the wine and beer figure in? There will be three of us that would like to participate.

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